Monday, March 17, 2008

Drawn From Real Life

If you missed SXSW Interactive you may want to crib Mike Rohde's notes on the event, or just flip through them for their creativity and design. Because, unlike me and the rest of the scratchy, sloppy note takers of the world, this guy turns information into art. Word has traveled fast. In the 5 days since he uploaded the notes they've been featured all over the web and he's even gotten some project offers. Yesterday he posted some interesting observations from the experience.


Mike Rohde said...

Linda, thanks for the very kind words and the link! It's very cool to see you enjoying the work I did at SXSWi this year.

Seeing my sketchnotes become useful and meaningful to others at the event (and even those not at the event) one of the goals I hoped I would achieve in doing sketchnotes, so seeing this come true is very satisfying for me.

Thanks again! :-)

floyd rappy said...

Linda, I LOVED going through Mike's notebook. As a designer and artist, I thoroughly enjoyed his artistry, composition and unique way of digesting all the information coming at him, and making it so available to others. Having missed this event, it was a real treat for me to experience a piece of it through Mike's very perceptive and creative eyes.

Thank you for sharing this.


Mike Rohde said...

Floyd, thanks for the kind words! Glad you liked 'em! :-)